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You know everyone I know seems to still be smoking when they (being the 50s and all) won’t know about the dangers of tobacco smoke for several decades (well not broadly). It’s going to be well into the Jetson’s era of flying cars and floating island suburbs I fear, maybe as far away as the new millenium even before people listen to me! I certainly hope it doesn’t take that long (how I would love to live in that utopia and enjoy my ecigs in my flying car though!) well, at least I have these ecigs and its simply the best thing to change in my life since – well its even better i’d say than heck, when Betty said ok to getting the new Buik and putting in that amazing wood pattern siding in the basement rec room!

E Cigs and USA E Juice E-cigarette

Knowing , otherwise known as e cig, is a device that resembles a cigarette. It is basically made up of different parts or components which include a mouthpiece or cartridge, a battery, a heating device known as an atomizer, and a LED light cover. These components can be assembled and disassembled. When put together, they take the form of an elongated tube which is mostly designed to look like a real cigarette on the outside. Each of the part mentioned above has specific purposes that make the e cigarette a very functional device. The LED indicates device activation when its light glows, the battery provides power for the atomizer, the atomizer heats up the cartridge, and the cartridge houses an E-juice diluted substance that produces the vapor that users inhale to take in nicotine. The e juice creates the “cigarette spirit” for the e cig. The basic components found in this liquid solution are nicotene, propylene glycol, and/or glycerin. The latter two substances are responsible for producing the vapor that is inhaled. Consumers or users are given the choice as to the thickness of the vapor they want to take-in based on the substances on the E-juice. Propylene glycol (PG) produces thinner vapor and vegetable glycerin (VG) produces a thicker one.

USA E Juice (E-juice brand) is a product that uses vegetable glycerin. Many have considered e cigarette to be less harmful to human health as compared to smoking tobacco products. It eliminates the use of tobacco and does not produce smoke or carbon monoxide, which are two substances that make authentic cigarette products, cigars, and pipes very hazardous. Nonetheless, e cigarette is said to have the ability to deliver the same physical sensation and aromatic experience one can get from smoking tobacco. At present, China leads the production of the e cig from the time it was first developed there in 2003. It assumed soaring popularity in the international market and made its largest trade and sales in the United States. However, just recently, the Food and Drug Administration of the US banned the influx of this product to the USA. Said regulation though, made US producers and businessmen find means to supply the great demand. As an effect, US-made e cigarettes and e juice such as USA E Juice came into production thereby only increasing production and widening choices of products in both US and global market.

KR808D is one of the many electronic cigarettes design that is becoming famous today. It is 11.8 cm long and with a diameter of 0.95 cm. It has an improved cartridge that can last longer which is equivalent to 10 cigars. Its battery’s capacity is 280mAh and can be fully charged in only 2 hours. KR808D is also one of the simplest to use. It is a semi disposable e-cig, KR808D consists of 2 pieces, battery and cartomizer. A cartomizer is a disposable atomizer with an e-liquid built in it. The main idea is for people to no longer have adifficulty to refill with tweezers and droppers. What they have to do si to just replace the used and empty caromizer with a new one. By doing this, mixing of taste will not be a problem compared to when you constantly change flavors that may screw up the taste.

Advantages – There are advantages in using a 2 piece device such as KR808D. This is recommended for new users because of it is easier to use compared to a traditional 3 piece device. Easier to attach and detach and also easier to change cartomizer. Because KR808D has a cartomizer, it can last longer for cartomizers are designed to last longer than a normal atomizer. And because cartomizers are disposable, it is always in great shape when you use it, compared to an atomizer, it will eventually wear out and will definitely affect its performance. Disadvantages – Not much of disadvantag but the only bad thing about KR808D is, it is one of the most expensive design in this industry. So if you are budgeting your money from some other stuff, then this isn’t for you. You’ll be spending more money in a long run compared to having a non disposable one because of constant replacement of cartomizers.


V2cigs Review Reveals the Benefits of e-cigs The electronic cigs is the alternative solution for conventional Tobacco cigarettes. It is a healthier mode of smoking and it also helps in reducing the addiction. The nicotine solution in it is produced from the propylene glycol content and it is vaporized when the user smokes. The flavor experienced by the user is same like the tobacco product. V2 manufactures non-polluting and non-carcinogenic products and many people buy because of its added advantage. Beginners should be very careful while inhaling and it will be good if they start with mild doses of nicotine vapor. V2cigs review also reveals the fact that the vapor released by the e-cigs is harmless and it can be used in non-smoking zones too. Benefits of e-cigs To live a longer life, you can opt for this electronic cigarette. Many people use them to enjoy the authentic sensation of smoking without affecting the health. V2 Cigs products are built according to the requirement of the user and you can purchase on the internet at much lesser price. The price chart of V2 is the least when you compare with other leading competitors.


Some of the benefits of using them are: This device does not produce any smoke but it gives out only water vapor You have the freedom to smoke in any place and time This vapor does not give any odd smell Using this, you need not worry about second hand smoke Your health condition also improves and many of them feel that their skin texture is looking good and they can breathe well than before. You can save several thousand dollars using this USB charger cigs People who like full strength nicotine content smoking can opt for power-cig. It has the ability to produce thick vapors and who like authentic smoking will really enjoy it. They are built in such a way that, the vapor liquid is heated with perfect temperature rating, which thickens the smoke. The batteries of power-cig gives more puff than the manual type batteries. It is a perfect option for using in office and home. With the aid of USB charger, you can charge them while you work even on the laptop. Notebook type is similar to that of power, but they have compact and shorter cords. It can be charged using V2 wall or car adaptor. These USB cigarettes can be used with any smokeless vapor flavor cartridge of V2.


Disposable cigs It is also called as single use cigs and it will be convenient for the first time users to check the smoking experience with it. Some of the benefits are: The user need not recharge the batteries, as it is a one time use cig No need to buy refill cartridges You can smoke until the vapor level diminishes One pack of disposable cigarette is equal to two tobacco pack They are available in different strengths such as light (0.6%) and full (1.8%) of nicotine. You can purchase it at the webstore and you can pick one that suits your need. These electronic cig also help in reducing the ill-effects of tobacco cig. This disposable type is available in various flavors and also at a reasonable price. V2 cigs review reveals that these cigs do not produce any smell and the user can safely smoke without disturbing others.

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