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electronic cigarette or real cigarettes

One of the strong selling points of the e-cigarette is that it costs the smoker less than what he or she would be paying for the regular tobacco habit.  Some manufacturers of e-cigarettes claim that their product is so cost effective that smokers would wonder why they had not turned to the e-cigarette sooner.  An often touted claim among the benefits of the e-cig is that users can save an excess of $1,000 per year when they use the e-cigarette and that the cartridge costs less than two bucks.  In many cases, e-cigarettes provide the same “smoking” experience for less than the regular packs per day.

electronic cigarette or real cigarettes

Dollar Costs of e-cigs

E-cigarettes starter kits can be found for prices ranging from $40 to $100, and the cost for cartridge refills is approximately $25 per unit.  This is the same amount that can buy five packs of regular cigarettes.  According to one user comment, smokers who consume a pack of cigarettes per day easily spend close to $300 monthly on tobacco-based cigarettes. A comparative amount of nicotine “juice” costs between $20 to $50 and basic starter kits are priced between $35 and $65, with extra sophisticated models going for more than $100.  Other sources show that in New York and Illinois for example, taxation has contributed to the price per pack of regular cigarettes to the extent that smokers are paying in excess of $10 and $12 per pack.

Looked at another way, the cost of smoking one e-cig, estimated at around $8, is far less than the benefits provided, as users claim that an e-cigarette lasts as long as smoking two packs of tobacco-based cigarettes.  Another benefit is that the odorless e-cigarette reduces the costs associated with getting rid of the odors produced by conventional smoke, a cause of concern to smokers and their significant others.

Potential Health Costs

The health cost of smoking tobacco-based cigarettes is also a consideration in understanding whether e-cigarettes are cheaper.  It is well established that smoking is one of the leading causes of certain cancers and other health conditions that lead to death.  It is also costly to care for sufferers of cancers linked to a lifelong smoking habit.  The actual figures are, in many cases, difficult to quantify, but would suffice to say, smoking tobacco is far more costly than the vapor producing alternative.

E-cigarette users are however not out of the woods, as it turns out that very little is known about the potential harms that the vapors would cause, and research is still being done for confirmation.  The design of e-cigarettes also allows for continued nicotine addiction and users must be aware of the actual nicotine content of the liquid mix being used in each e-cig.  That being said, the user who might see the most reduction in costs is the smoker who eventually quits completely.  For e-cig users who are only interested in substituting one form of nicotine delivery mechanism (the conventional cigarette) for another (the e-cigarette), the cost of smoking, while somewhat reduced, will still be with their habits.

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